What should I pay attention to when polishing die-casting molds

When the die-casting mold is polished, there are many things that need to be paid attention to, so what is the main thing to pay attention to? Let’s get to know it together.

1. For products with thin walls and bright surfaces, the surface of the cavity should be properly polished, and the surface roughness Rn is 0.2~0.4μm;

2. For products with thick walls and general surface requirements, the surface of the cavity can be polished, and the surface roughness R” is 0.4~0.8μm;

3. Generally, it is not required to polish to a mirror surface. To make the mold release Jing can evenly adhere to the surface of the mold, but the knife mark must be polished to avoid premature cracking of the mold;

4. Pay attention to the cross-polishing, and the traces on the surface of the mold should not have obvious polishing directions.