What problems will be encountered in the production of die-casting molds

In the process of die-casting mold production, it will encounter many problems, so what are the main problems? Let’s take a look at the production problems of die-casting molds.

1. The molten metal enters the mold cavity under high pressure and high speed, causing intense friction and impact on the surface of the mold cavity, causing erosion and wear on the surface of the mold.

2. The molten slag will inevitably be brought in during the pouring process. The slag has a complex chemical effect on the surface of the formed part. The compound of aluminum and iron acts like a cleavage, which accelerates the formation and development of cracks in the die-casting mold.

3. Thermal stress is the main cause of cracks on the surface of mold forming parts. In the production process of each die-casting part, in addition to the high-speed and high-pressure scouring of the molten metal, the surface of the formed part also absorbs the heat released by the metal during the solidification process, resulting in heat exchange.