What is the reason for the short life of die-casting molds

Many people now report that the die-casting mold can no longer work normally after being used for a period of time. So what is the cause of this situation? Let’s get to know it together.

1. In the selection of die-casting mold materials, improper selection of materials causes the die-casting molds to always have large and small problems during use. Therefore, the selection of materials must select the industry-recognized imported 8407 mold steel, and the die-casting molds made can withstand high temperature and hardness. Strong.

2. Improper operation during the die-casting production process, resulting in a short life of the die-casting mold. Therefore, die-casting production must be carried out in accordance with the correct operation manual.

3. Die-casting molds are not regularly maintained and maintained, or the molds are not maintained in accordance with the correct maintenance methods, thereby reducing the number of times the die-casting mold is used. Therefore, each set of die-casting molds must be maintained and maintained by a dedicated person to improve Productivity.