What are the faults of the die-casting mold

Die-casting molds will fail during the use of die-casting molds, so what are these failures? Let’s take a look at the failure of the die-casting mold.

1.The molten metal material liquid enters the concave mold at high pressure and high speed, causing violent impact and erosion on the surface of the molded parts of the abrasive tool, causing erosion and damage to the surface of the mold steel, and the working pressure will continue to cause the mold Deflection and bending of the core.

2. In the whole filling process, the metal material liquid, residue and slag will cause complicated oxidation on the surface of the abrasive tool, and accelerate the erosion and cracking of the surface.

3. The production of injection molds under higher operating temperature, the welding stress caused is the key reason for the surface cracks or even the overall cracking of the molded parts of the abrasive, which in turn leads to the expense of the abrasive.