What are the design principles of die-casting molds

The design of die-casting mold is a work of inheritance and innovation. It requires designers to be familiar with various design manuals, constantly sum up experience, strengthen learning, and absorb advanced knowledge. So what are the design principles of die-casting molds?

(1) When the mold is opened, the insert can be kept out of the fixed mold with the moving direction of the movable mold, so that the casting remains in the movable mold. In order to facilitate the removal of the casting from the movable mold, the parting surface should be taken on the large section of the casting.

(2) It is conducive to the reasonable arrangement of the pouring system and the drainage system.

(3) In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the castings, the parts with high machining dimensional accuracy requirements should be located in the same semi-die casting mold as much as possible.

(4) Simplify the structure of the die-casting mold and facilitate processing.