What are the components of a die-casting mold

The commonly used die-casting mold is composed of two mold halves, which are called fixed mold and movable mold. There are also more complicated die-casting molds with more than two half molds. So what are the components of the die-casting mold?

1. Straight sprue. Connect the pressure chamber or to the runner, including sprue bushing and shunt cone, etc.

2. Pouring system. The channels through which the alloy liquid enters the cavity, including internal runners, runners, and sprues.

3. Cavity. It is formed on the insert to form the geometry of the die-cast part.

4. Core pulling mechanism. Complete the extraction and insertion of the movable core, including slides, sliders, cylinders, slashes, etc.

5. Overflow system. Exhaust gas and store cold metal residues, etc.

6. Temperature control system. Control the temperature of the die-casting mold, including cooling water pipes and heating oil pipes.

7. Ejection mechanism. Eject the die-casting part from the cavity, including the ejector pin, etc.

8. Movable mold frame. Connect and fix the movable mold components, including the cover plate, support plate, etc.