On the 30th, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council released the “Recommended Catalogue of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements of Central Enterprises (2020 Edition)” to the whole society, including core Electronic components, key components, analysis and testing instruments, basic software, key materials, advanced technology, high-end equipment and others. There are 178 technical products in 8 fields.

Since last year, in order to promote the transformation of the scientific and technological achievements of central enterprises into real productive forces and accelerate the application and promotion of the results, the SASAC has organized the collection of scientific and technological innovation achievements of central enterprises, and formed a catalogue through such links as collection and selection, expert evaluation, and patent review. This is an important measure for state-owned central enterprises to implement the innovation-driven development strategy and strive to achieve scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement. practice.

Among them, in the field of core electronic components, there are “Soul Core” series digital signal processors, high-speed security chips, etc., in the field of basic software, there are “Jiutian” artificial intelligence platform, Kirin operating system, BIMBase modeling software, etc., in the field of key components The fields include UHV DC converter transformers, nuclear-grade temperature sensors, heavy-duty wheels, rail transit drive gear devices, etc. In the field of key materials, nano-aerogel composite materials, para-aramid fiber, ultra-fine and high-purity germanium powder, tantalum Target materials, T800 grade high-performance carbon fiber, etc., in the field of advanced technology, there are complete sets of aromatic hydrocarbon technology, integrated circuit manufacturing BCD process, 3D printing technology for aircraft interior parts, electron beam treatment of industrial wastewater technology, etc. In the field of high-end equipment, there are high dynamic broadband Five-axis flight simulation turntable, heavy-duty H-beam finishing mill, hydrogen fuel cell engine, special-beam universal rolling mill, etc.

In the next step, the SASAC will establish a working mechanism for promoting the application and promotion of scientific and technological innovation achievements, organize various achievements promotion activities, promote the in-depth connection between supply and demand, promote the wide application of scientific and technological innovation achievements in central enterprises and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and accelerate the iterative update. Improve the reliability and market competitiveness of technical products, and strive to better play the strategic supporting role of state-owned and central enterprises in my country’s scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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