Today, Xilinx, Inc. (Xilinx, Inc., (NASDAQ: XLNX)), a global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, opened the 2019 Xilinx Developer Conference (XDF) Asia Station in Beijing. Victor Peng, President and CEO of Xilinx, delivered a keynote speech titled “Xilinx: Driving Forces for Innovation”, sharing the company’s major achievements over the past year since launching its three major strategies. Xilinx executive vice presidents Salil Raje and Liam Madden also further demonstrated the company’s three major strategies in terms of empowering all developers to innovate and accelerating global 5G deployment from the two major areas of software innovation and 5G deployment. Heavyweight guests from Alibaba, Baidu, Inspur and Zhongtai Securities, together with Victor, shared the close cooperation between the company and Xilinx in their fields, and their efforts to promote a new generation of adaptive computing.

Positioning innovation driving force Xilinx’s three major strategies have made major achievements

Victor Peng, President and CEO of Xilinx, delivered a keynote speech on “Xilinx: Driving Forces for Innovation” (the background is the title of Victor’s keynote speech)

Salil officially released the Vitis unified software platform for Asian developers, and announced that Vitis? AI for artificial intelligence and machine learning inference is now available for free download. As the ending station of XDF this year, XDF Asia has a total of nearly 2,000 Xilinx customers, partners, developers, media and employees participating, holding 75 wonderful in-depth lectures and hands-on classroom trainings, and inviting people from Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), AMD, Alibaba, Tencent, Tsinghua University and other industry leaders, experts, scholars and developers have in-depth exchanges and share their insights on industry and technology. In addition, XDF Asia also set up nearly 100 booths, showing the world’s leading companies based on Xilinx technology in artificial intelligence (AI), data centers, 5G, industry, automotive and other fields of various innovations, such as Xilinx Think Alveo? The second generation 7nm EPYC? (Xiaolong) processor of AMD accelerator card. In addition, Salil Raje and Liam Madden, executive vice presidents of Xilinx, also shared Xilinx’s outstanding achievements in driving the popularization of adaptive technology and helping global 5G deployment. At the same time, Xilinx announced that its artificial intelligence AI inference development platform Vitis AI is now available for free download. Virtis AI will be used as a part of the software code to support artificial intelligence scientists and other software developers to greatly improve deep learning acceleration capabilities.

XDF started in 2017 and has now become one of the most influential developer conferences in the industry. This time the XDF Asia station was held in Beijing. The first two stations have been successfully concluded in San Jose, California, USA from October 1st to 2nd, and The Hague, Netherlands from November 12th to 13th, welcoming nearly 2,500 participants in total. By. At the same time, many well-known companies in the industry have appeared on XDF Americas and Europe, including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Micron, Pony.AI, Avnet and Keysight.

  The new strategy creates important leadership in multiple fields

At the beginning of 2018, Xilinx announced the launch of the company’s three major strategies, namely, data center priority, accelerated core market development, and driving flexible computing. After more than one and a half years of development, Xilinx continues to expand the market with its unique high performance and flexible adaptability, and is increasingly playing an important leader role in major trend applications in the data center, artificial intelligence, 5G and other industries.

For the data center field, Xilinx launched the world’s fastest data center accelerator card Alveo accelerator card series at XDF last year. In more than a year, in order to meet the different needs of users for computing power, size, memory bandwidth and cost, four major product series U50, U200, U250 and U280 have been launched successively to greatly increase the server capacity of the cloud and local data centers. performance. With the Alveo accelerator card, customers can achieve breakthrough performance improvements with lower latency when running key data center applications such as real-time machine learning inference, video processing, genome analysis, and data analysis. In addition, the most worth mentioning is that Xilinx has trained more than 7,500 people from enterprises and academic institutions, over 800 accelerator projects, and released nearly 100 applications around Alveo in just over a year.

At this XDF Asia station, Xilinx officially introduced the latest Vitis unified software platform for the Asian market (first released at XDF US station in early October). This platform will enable a wider range of developers such as software engineers and artificial intelligence scientists to be able to Benefit from the advantages of Xilinx’s flexible hardware acceleration. This is the first time that Xilinx has launched a development tool platform that integrates software and hardware design. It is also one of the milestone products of the company’s strategic transformation from a device to a platform enterprise. Vitis can automatically adapt and use Xilinx hardware architecture according to software or algorithm codes, freeing users from complicated hardware expertise. With the help of the Vitis platform, both software engineers and AI scientists will benefit from Xilinx’s flexible hardware advantages.And for

For hardware developers, Vitis can significantly improve work efficiency through the collaboration of software and hardware engineers on the same tool platform.

Positioning innovation driving force Xilinx’s three major strategies have made major achievements

Salil releases Vitis and Vitis AI for download

With the rapid formation of 5G business, the breadth and depth of its coverage is reaching unprecedented levels. In April 2019, Xilinx and Samsung jointly completed the world’s first commercial deployment of 5G NR in South Korea. The Xilinx UltraScale+? platform has extremely low power consumption, large memory capacity, and low heat dissipation. It helps Samsung develop cutting-edge 5G products that are light in weight, compact in size, and low in power consumption, making it an ideal choice for easy deployment of 5G. In addition to personal client applications, industrial Internet, autonomous driving, etc. are also important application areas for 5G services, and require low latency for 5G services, that is, information transmission must be completed within a few milliseconds. In response to this demand, Xilinx can provide a flexible and unique 5G communication platform in the industry. It uses highly integrated chips with RF ADC and DAC, accelerated 5G NR functions, and can meet mMIMO radios, macro base stations and small cells The highest efficiency performance required for deployment.

Liam demonstrates Xilinx’s unprecedented advantages from radio frequency to core network

  Deeply cultivate the local market and work together with industry partners to achieve a win-win situation

In the keynote speech at XDF Asia, the participation of Inspur, Alibaba, Baidu, Inspur and Zhongtai Securities, as well as the sharing of industry leaders from various fields in China, from sponsors to the many booths in the ecosystem can be seen. The innovative products, solutions and terminal applications of Chinese local enterprises based on Xilinx’s adaptive computing platform not only fully demonstrated the various innovative achievements Xilinx has created in cooperation with China from well-known enterprises to start-ups, but also showcased Xilinx. Think deeply into the Asian and Chinese markets, and join hands with partners to win-win confidence and hard work.

As an annual developer technology event, for three consecutive years, only three XDF stations in the world have established their Asian stations in Beijing, China, and each year is the largest XDF station, fully demonstrating Xilinx’s contribution to Chinese developers. Attention and support. 2019 XDF provides developers with 75 technical forums related to industry opinions, cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge applications, as well as a two-day, more than 50-hour hands-on developer laboratory, from hardware engineers to researchers, data scientists, and machines. Learning and AI engineers will benefit from IP providers, software application developers, system designers, acceleration software developers, and embedded software developers.

With the continuous expansion of Xilinx’s business in Asia, especially the Chinese market, the scale and specifications of XDF Asia Station have also increased year by year. From more than 500 participants in 2017 to more than 1,200 participants in 2018, to nearly 2,000 participants this year, XDF is attracting more and more developers to participate, inspiring and empowering innovation , To help it quickly turn ideas into reality and take the lead to market. At the same time, with the rapid implementation of artificial intelligence, accelerated development of data centers, and full deployment of 5G, Xilinx is playing an important role in various industries in China, unleashing the vitality of innovation, so as to continue to lead the development of the industry in the future adaptive computing era.

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