Infineon FF150R12ME3G Infineon FF150R12ME3G

#FF150R12ME3G Infineon FF150R12ME3G New Trans IGBT Module N-CH 1200V300A695W 8-pin, FF150R12ME3G pictures, FF150R12ME3G price, #FF150R12ME3G supplier
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Description Value Package 8IHV73-3
Configuration Dual Pin Count 8
Kollektor-Emitter Sperrspannung Collector Emitter Voltage 1200 V
Kollektor-Dauergleichstrom DC collector current Tc=80°C,Tvj=150°C Icnom 150A
Kollektor-Dauergleichstrom DC collector current  Tc=25°C,Tvj=150°C Ic 200A
Periodischer Kollektor Spitzenstrom repetitive peak collector current tp=1 ms IcRM 300A
Gesamt Verlustleistung total power dissipation Tc=25°C,Tvj=150°C Ptot 695w
Gate Emitter Spitzenspannung gate emitter peak Voltage ±20 V
Mounting Screw Operating Temperature -40 to 125 °C

Trans IGBT Module N-CH 1200V300A695W 8-pin

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