Four categories of precision machining

The size deviation can be caused by many factors. It may be that the machine is not calibrated in time, or the size deviation occurs when drawing paper.

In the forging production process, although we try to avoid quality problems of one kind or another and encounter customer complaints about quality problems, first instruct the quality department, sales department and purchasing department to set up a quality problem complaint team, and find the problem from the production process card , And timely solve the quality problems raised by customers.

If it is the size and sealing surface problem, then the production department is required to reproduce a batch of flanges according to the standard to make up for the customer; if there is a problem with the marking, then let the customer send the forged flange with the wrong marking to the factory and remark Logo. If there is a problem with the raw material itself, then the relevant person in charge of the purchasing department is instructed to communicate and negotiate with the raw material supplier, provide a new batch of qualified raw materials, and produce qualified flanges as soon as possible to resend to the customer’s warehouse.

After dealing with customer complaints, the purchasing department, sales department and production department will conduct research and analysis on every customer complaint that appears, and organize them to avoid the same problem.

Precision machining:

  • 1. The geometric shape and mutual position accuracy of the parts reach the micron or arc second level, and the mutual parts can meet the requirements of the matching force. Most of the precision light alloy parts of the aircraft are processed by this method, and the coordinate accuracy can reach 2 microns.
  • 2. The surface microscopic unevenness (the average height difference of the surface unevenness) is less than 0.1 micron. It is used to process the aluminum or beryllium alloy structural parts with complex shapes. The high-speed milling with a carefully ground diamond head can obtain a precise mirror surface.
  • 3. Some parts can also meet the requirements of precise mechanics or other physical characteristics. The limit or feature size tolerance of the parts is below micrometers. Most of these parts are made of hardened steel to ensure high stability.
  • 4. The torsional rigidity of the torsion bar of the float gyroscope, the rigidity coefficient of the flexible element, etc., are therefore the highest precision machining method in the precision machining technology to achieve precision and microscopic unevenness.

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