According to foreign media reports, Apple said that swiping to close apps could shorten the battery life of the iPhone and make the device slower.

Apple: Swipe to close apps or shorten iPhone battery life

According to Apple, the method of swiping up to close iPhone apps may make the app take longer to reload, and users can swipe up to close apps when the app is unresponsive. “Previously open applications are frozen and placed in standby mode when the application the user is using appears, helping users to multitask without consuming additional device resources,” Apple said.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, pointed out in a previous email to users that quitting the app won’t save power on the device either. In addition, a blogger also answered this question: “Apps in the background of the iPhone are actually frozen, which limits what they can do in the background and frees up the RAM they are using.” “Force Quitting an app not only doesn’t help, it actually makes the experience worse. If the user force quits an app in the background, it can have a detrimental effect on battery life, and switching apps will take longer.”

At the same time, foreign media said that if users are concerned about applications running in the background of the iPhone, they can check the background running permissions of these applications in the “iPhone Settings”.

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